It's official: Citi Bike is launching May 27!

If you sign up for an annual membership, you'll have access to the program beginning Memorial Day.

CitiBike docking stations in Brooklyn

CitiBike docking stations in Brooklyn Photograph: Amy Plitt

The rumors were true: Citi Bike will officially launch on Memorial Day, May 27. New York's first bike-sharing program—the country's largest—will roll out with one week of riding exclusively for its annual members; those who've opted for weekly or daily passes will have access to the bikes beginning June 2. If you want to get in on that first week of riding, sign up for an annual membership before May 17.

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Citi Bike has been plagued with problems since it was announced a few years ago—we detailed a few of those last month—and even now, opponents of the program are still wringing their hands over perceived issues. (The number of stations, the loss of street parking, distaste for the Citibank-sponsored stations in historic neighborhoods—things of that sort.)

And sure, with 6,000 new (and, mind you, pretty sturdy) bikes on the road, and users adjusting to navigating the program, there are bound to be some kinks. But as Transportation Alternatives director Paul Steely White pointed out when we spoke with him earlier this year, more bikes on the road means safer streets for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Whatever your thoughts on the bike share are, one thing is certain: Citi Bike's debut is guaranteed to change the way New Yorkers get around, and—if the success of programs in D.C., Boston and London is any indication—quite possibly for the better.

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