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Mediabistro seminar

Mediabistro seminar

Authentic Jobs (
Good for: Web gurus, from designers to developers
What it is: This free job board links full-timers, freelancers, contract employees and interns to openings at some of the biggest tech companies, including Apple, Facebook and Skype.

Coroflot (
Good for: Designers, including but not limited to graphic, fashion and interior
What it is: Heavyweights like Google and Netflix regularly post open positions on this site, where thousands of opportunities are divided up into 15 specialties, such as advertising and architecture. Users can also upload a personal portfolio and work samples.
Good for: Editors, publicists, journalists and other communication experts
What it is: What began as a message board for editors, writers and auteurs has turned into a media hub: Discussion forums, advice-driven articles, news blogs and career-advancing seminars are just a few services offered here. Browse positions from top companies like Time Inc. and MTV for free. Or spring for a $55 annual AvantGuild membership, which offers professional advantages like in-depth "How to Pitch" articles, plus benefits like group health insurance.

OneWire (
Good for: Finance types
What it is: OneWire operates under a cover-your-ass premise: Users create an anonymous free account, which can be accessed by hiring managers from the world's top financial services firms (including a sizable percentage of Fortune 1000 companies). Members can also pitch their own talents to financial superstars like Barclays and Goldman Sachs. Regardless of the method, all networking is done confidentially, so that there's no risk of your current boss finding out you're looking to jump ship: Privacy settings control what information is public.

BeKnown (
Good for: Technology-addicted employment seekers
What it is: Launched by Monster Worldwide, BeKnown is a new app that allows you to create a professional network through Facebook, but keep it totally separate from your personal profile (and any scandalous contents therein). After setting up a LinkedIn-like profile detailing your experience, education and skills, you can connect to friends and search gigs recommended by your network, as well as a constantly updated feed from The more friends you're linked to, the more likely you are to find a position where you can milk your relationships to get on the inside track.

Behance (
Good for: Creative types
What it is: If you'd eventually like to be a creative director or graphic designer, take a look at the full-time and freelance prospects compiled here. No direct contacts are listed, but you can submit your materials via a web-based application and showcase work samples on a personalized portfolio page.

Bookjobs (
Good for: Literary professionals, such as book publicists, sales executives and editors
What it is: The site was originally created to help recent college grads get a foot in the publishing industry's door. Now, in addition to entry-level positions, it also features top-tier jobs in more than 20 disciplines. Since much of the trade is based in NYC, so are most of these listings.

Smashing Jobs (
Good for: Programmers and IT professionals
What it is: An employment-oriented offshoot of the design-trade pub Smashing Magazine, this gratis service lists full-time and freelance positions for companies like Yelp and Dell.