Just launched: Sixpoint debuts its new BeerFinder app

Find Sixpoint beer on the go with the local brewery's new mobile app.

Good news, hops heads: Beloved Red Hook brewery Sixpoint just launched a BeerFinder app. The tool is location-based: All you have to do is enter a specific neighborhood or zip code (or let your iPhone's GPS do the work), and you'll be directed to the nearest shops and watering holes selling Sixpoint brews.

What we like about it: You can refine your search by specific type of brew (like Sweet Action, the Crisp or Diesel), and the app includes Sixpoint's full roster, so this is a good tool for finding rare or seasonal beers (like the summer-only Apollo). Plus, since outlets stocking the trailblazing brewery's wares are likely to have similar high-quality craft options, the app is a clever tool for finding good beer bars nearby. We expect this new mobile device to become a staple for any self-respecting boozehound.

Head to iTunes to download the free app—right now, it's for iPhones only, though an Android version is in the works. (The web-based Sixpointer BeerFinder is still a handy tool for the non-Apple-obsessed.)

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Editor: Marley Lynch (@marleyasinbob)