Kickstarter success stories: Mermaid Parade, Gemini & Scorpio get funding

Good news, everyone! The Mermaid Parade will go on this year, and Gemini & Scorpio can build a new loft.

Photograph: J Carter Rinaldi

Amid all the chatter about celebrities using Kickstarter to fund projects—and the ethics of folks with unfair advantages turning to crowdsourcing for assistance—it's good to see that indie arts organizations are still benefiting from the website. Two notable examples this week:

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade successfully reached its $100,000 goal with four days to go (so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to get on that). The parade is organized by Coney Island USA, which took a beating thanks to Hurricane Sandy; the nonprofit sustained more than $400,000 worth of damage, hence the need for the Kickstarter campaign. With the funding, the organization will be able to cover costs for things like permits, insurance, security, food for staffers and volunteers, and more.

Artsy party planners Gemini & Scorpio surpassed their $29,000 Kickstarter goal this morning, raising more than $32,000 for its new loft space. For years, the group held roving events (including its ongoing Banya parties, as well as recurring shindigs like Lip Service and the Lost Circus) at different locations around NYC; but in 2012, the group purchased a dedicated loft in Gowanus, in the hopes of hosting parties, lectures, swaps and other events there. Funding from the Kickstarter campaign will help with renovations, including adding central air and heat, fixing windows and plumbing, and adding a new ceiling.

See? There's proof that crowdsourcing can still help the little guys.