Kind-hearted zombie returns lost cat

Here's a story that should restore your faith in humanity—at least for today.

On Saturday evening, 22-year-old Jeremy Zelkowitz was on his way home from his gig as a living-dead dude at Times Scare when he encountered a wayward cat in midtown. The mischievous feline evaded capture at first, attempting to seek refuge in Starbucks and Dallas BBQ, but Zelkowitz and a friend caught the kitty after it narrowly avoided traffic along 42nd Street.

The do-gooding walking dead took the feline to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, where staff members were able to scan its microchip and find its owner, a Long Island–based policeman. It turns out that the officer had been fostering the cat—aptly named Disaster—before it escaped through a screened window. It remained MIA for almost two years before it turned up in Manhattan.

As animal lovers, we're happy everything turned out for the best. Want another warm-and-fuzzy animal story? Check out the video below.