Kiss off

A midnight smooch is so 2008. Comedians tell us what the new New Year's Eve traditions should be.

Eliot Glazer, blogger-comedian (“Should-be New Year’s Eve tradition? Arriving at a party at 12:01am, really excited to see the ball drop.”

Ophira Eisenberg, cohost of Sweet Paprika (“Yell out one thing that you are not going to do this year: 'I will not google people I hate.’ 'I will not SuperPoke people.’ Or my fave: 'I will not tweeze my eyebrows while drunk.’ Also, take photos with as many strangers as you can and then insist that you e-mail them a copy; then, actually e-mail them the copy.”

Glennis McMurray and Eliza Skinner of I Eat Pandas (“We would like to see the following become New Year’s Eve traditions: (1) Get high and videotape a message to yourself of all the things you want to accomplish in the New Year. (2) Have a competition to see how much vomit you can soak up with your ShamWow. (3) Bake cupcakes with little prizes inside them. Whoever gets the one with a penny gets to make a wish. (4) Stick your finger in someone’s butt at midnight. (5) Go to an I Eat Pandas show and throw sacks of money onto the stage.”

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