Late-day linkage: A new cronut flavor is coming, the Park Slope Food Co-Op is bickering and more

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Oh my god people it's JUST A FANCY DOUGHNUT.

Oh my god people it's JUST A FANCY DOUGHNUT. Photograph: Jessica Lin

- Apparently, we haven't yet reached peak cronut: Dominique Ansel will launch a blackberry-flavored version of the sweet treat in July, and the bakery is also starting a lottery, which will allow one crazed cronut fan to skip the hours-long line. Oookay. [Grub Street]

- Five 7-Eleven stores in Manhattan now have KeyMe kiosks, which allow you to easily copy keys; you can also upload a digital copy of a key and print it off, should the need ever arise. Keys with built-in bottle openers are also available, if that's your thing. [Refinery29]

- Texas senator Wendy Davis is currently holding a filibuster to stop a bill that would severely limit access to safe, legal abortions in that state. You can watch a video of her filibuster as it happens. [Jezebel]

- Did you hear about that awesome party that happened in an abandoned subway station over the weekend? Of course you did! Well, now the NYPD and the MTA may be investigating the event (oops). Meanwhile, Second Ave Sagas theorizes that the shindig happened in an unused Second Avenue subway tunnel. [Daily News; Second Ave Sagas]

- What is serious journalism, anyway? And should we care? The Hairpin investigates. [Hairpin]

- The Forest Park Carousel in Woodhaven, Queens, was designated a city landmark today; it's one of only three NYC amusement rides to hold that honor, along with the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel. [City Room]

- More infighting from the Park Slope Food Co-Op, this time over the issue of plastic roll bags. One side says they should remain in use; one side wants them banned. One side has a slide show explaining why roll bags are needed; the other doesn't. Advantage: Team Roll Bags. [New York Observer]

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