Late-day linkage: Beaches are gross, a gay-marriage playlist and more

Find out what Time Out's editors are reading in today's roundup of late-day links.

Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach Photograph: Filip Wolak

- DNAInfo reports that an influx of folks flocked to City Hall today to get gay-married, following the Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA. Aww. [DNAInfo]

- Meanwhile, the Awl compiled a Gay Marriage Dance Party playlist, and we'll be having our own little dance party at our desks for the rest of the day now, thanks. [The Awl]

- Local dude El-P, who we ranked at no. 44 on our list of the 50 best NYC hip-hop artists, has a new album out with Atlanta rapper Killer Mike; you can stream the record now, and they'll play Webster Hall in August. [Fool's Gold]

- You probably didn't need a study to tell you that NYC's beaches are kinda gross, but the Natural Resources Defense Council conducted one anyway. Apparently the Bronx's beaches are dirtiest; some, like Coney Island and Rockaway Beach, aren't too bad. [Gothamist]

- The New Yorker went behind the scenes at the city's Department of Records, which is filled with photos, documents, video and more that charts New York's history. We are SO JEALOUS. [New Yorker]

- Here's a weird optical illusion that makes it appear as though people are crawling over and hanging off of a London house. Someone do this with the Empire State Building, okay? [Atlantic Cities]

- Have we mentioned that we're obsessed with Kurt Vile lately? KV's pal Richie Charles wrote about working with the musician at the Philadelphia Brewing Company before he became an cult indie-rock hero. Don't forget to see him at 4Knots this Saturday. [Sound of the City]

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