Late-day linkage: Finding love on Citi Bike, chefs on Instagram and more

Find out what Time Out's editors are reading in today's roundup of late-day links.

Citi Bike graffiti at Fourth Avenue and Dean Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Citi Bike graffiti at Fourth Avenue and Dean Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn Photograph: Jonathan Shannon

- On the same day that our deputy editor spotted the above graffiti in Park Slope, The New York Times has an article about the unforeseen benefits of Citi Bike—including as a method to pick up potential romantic partners. Awww. [The New York Times]

- There is a giant inflatable Mr. Darcy—as in the character from Pride and Prejudicefloating in the lake in London's Hyde Park. Colin Firth fans, start planning those pilgrimages now. [HowAboutWe]

- MoMA has instituted a "viewing only" line for its überpopular Rain Room installation, for those who are impatient. Wait times to actually experience the room have recently stretched into the four- to five-hour mark, and you're not allowed to line up after 2pm. Yikes. [Gothamist]

- Here's a list of the best NYC chefs to follow on Instagram. Because why post your own sorta blurry, poorly lit photos of your last great meal when you can just look at ones taken by the dudes making the food? [Guest of a Guest]

- Brooklyn dad-rockers the National participated in Pitchfork's Over/Under video series today. Underrated: changing diapers, automatic toilets, mushrooms. Overrated: The Police. Split vote: shorts. (Twin bros Aaron and Bryce Dessner are pro-shorts; everyone else is against.) [Pitchfork.TV]

- WNYC looks at the development of skyscrapers during the Bloomberg administration. Fun fact: Seven of the city's 20 tallest skyscrapers were built on Bloomie's watch. [WNYC]

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