Late-day linkage: History on the High Line, sad songs and more

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Carol Bove, "Caterpillar"

Carol Bove, "Caterpillar" Photograph: Timothy Schenck; courtesy Friends of the High Line

- Untapped Cities points out a nifty tidbit about the High Line: If you've already procured tickets to Carol Bove's Caterpillar (pictured above and located in the park's unfinished third section), you'll also be able to see dates printed on some of the section's train tracks. One theory is that the dates indicate when the tracks were finished at the steel mill. [Untapped Cities]

- Gawker has identified what it calls "The Pizza Belt," or the only area in which you should eat pizza in the U.S. It's hard to argue with their logic—by their measure, the true belt runs from South Jersey to Rhode Island. [Gawker]

- A new Fairway is coming to Sixth Avenue—right near a Trader Joe's and mere blocks from a Whole Foods—on July 24. [Racked]

- The city's longest mural can be found in the Rockaways. It was painted on concrete traffic barriers along Shore Front Parkway and measures a mile long. [DNAInfo]

- Sometimes listening to a sad song when you're already bummed is like pouring salt into a gaping wound, but other times, it can act as a momentary pick-me-up. Science has figured out why. [PopSci]

- We totally blew Vulture's TV-theme-song quiz, identifying a mere 4 of 15 iconic TV themes. How did you do? [Vulture]

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