Late-day linkage: Lou loves Kanye, an exclusive Jamie Hewlett comic and more

Find out what Time Out's editors are reading in today's roundup of late-day links.

Lou Reed

Lou Reed Photograph: Elmar Lemes

- Lou Reed reviewed Yeezus for The Talkhouse today. Why are you reading anything else? (Spoiler: he liked it.) [The Talkhouse]

- Untapped Cities reviewed the Met's new ticket and sticker system, which replaced the metal admission buttons as of Monday. RIP, metal admission buttons. [Untapped Cities]

- Here are six unrealized infrastructure schemes that could have completely changed the way New York City is today, had they actually come to fruition. Some are weird (draining the East River?!?) and some are things we're glad didn't happen (no one misses the Lower Manhattan Expressway). [Gizmodo]

- ICYMI, TONY is running an exclusive comic from Gorillaz co-conspirator Jamie Hewlett—he and fellow Gorilla (and Blur frontman) Damon Albarn will be in town this week for Monkey: Journey to the West at Lincoln Center. [Time Out New York Music]

- Man, people in the 17th century were raunchy. Slate posted excerpts from The School of Venus, an apparent sex manual. Warning: there is an illustration from the book that is definitely NSFW. [Slate]

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