Late-day linkage: Manhattan is the new Brooklyn (maybe?), writers talk about music and more

Find out what Time Out's editors are reading in today's roundup of late-day links.

Cafe Grumpy

Cafe Grumpy

- The Toast, a new site from erstwhile Hairpin editor Nicole Cliffe and writer-about-the-Internet Mallory Ortberg, was set to launch today. Alas, a "brute force attack" set them back, but watch the space tomorrow; what we saw today is great, and includes smart writers writing smartly about topics of interest to smart women. [The Toast]

- Is Manhattan becoming Brooklynized? The New Republic poses this question, using Café Grumpy's imminent midtown arrival as an example. Except they've been in Chelsea for six years already. Hmm. [The New Republic]

- The Star-Ledger talked to Jersey bands, including Screaming Females and Titus Andronicus, about what the closing of Maxwell's means for the Garden State's music scene. (It's not great!) []

- Miranda July launched We Think Alone, a new e-mail list with contributions from her famous pals (Lena Dunham, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar); sign up at [Bust]

- This week, WNYC's Soundcheck is asking writers to discuss their favorite music during The Writer's Club, a weeklong celebration of books, music and more. There'll be interviews with Eddie Huang, Jennifer Egan and Junot Díaz, among others. [Soundcheck]

- Curbed got a look at some of the shipping containers to be installed along Pier 57, which will eventually be turned into one giant minimall-esque area. [Curbed]

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