Late-day linkage: Your perfect weekend, adorable couple on the subway, and more

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Francophiles storm Bastille Day on 60th Street.

Francophiles storm Bastille Day on 60th Street. Photograph: Phyllis B. Dooney

It's the weekend. We made it! Here's a guide to 21 awesome things to do this weekend; if drinking a lot of wine and watching can-can dancers is your thing, check out our round-uo of Bastille Day events in NYC. Here's a Bastille Day song to get you in the mood.

- The identity of @RuthBourdain is revealed! And it's not Robert Sietsema or Anthony Bourdain himself or anything like that. [New York Times]

- NPR summarized Sharknado so we don't have to, even though it's basically all anyone was talking about last night (what is wrong with you guys, seriously?). [NPR]

- A young couple has been taking selfies of themselves at every single subway stop in Manhattan. Awww. [Gothamist]

- Here's a nice piece about the history of chickfactor, the indie-pop-focused zine that's now in its 21st year (and edited by former TONY staffer Gail O'Hara). [Bitch]

- Amtrak hacks! Slate has tips on how to avoid the crowds when boarding a train at Penn Station. [Slate]

- YOLO is now showing up on college applications. SMDH. [The Frisky]

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