Late-day linkage: Your perfect weekend, the Nets get new players and more

Find out what Time Out's editors are reading in today's roundup of late-day links.

New York City Pride March

New York City Pride March Photograph: Courtesy Heritage of Pride

- Happy Friday! Plan your next couple of days with our guide to your perfect weekend; and if you're planning on hitting Pride festivities, our Gay Pride NYC guide is a good place to start.

- In an excerpt from Billboard's upcoming DIY issue, the mag looks at the success of Merge Records, which has gathered a roster of critically acclaimed and successful-by-indie-standards bands (Wild Flag, Neutral Milk Hotel, Magnetic Fields, Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Arcade Fire, the list goes on) while staying totally independent. [Billboard]

- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will be Brooklyn Nets soon enough: The Celtics teammates were traded to Kings County's new team last night, along with fellow Celtic Jason Terry. In exchange, Brooklyn is losing Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans and a few other players. Sports! [SB Nation]

- Since Citi Bike launched at the end of May, New Yorkers have ridden 1.28 million miles on the bright-blue two-wheelers, and more than 500,000 trips have been taken. And, shockingly, they haven't brought about the destruction of New York City yet. WHO'DVE GUESSED. [Gothamist]

- There may be plans afoot to update and renovate Port Authority Bus Terminal. Anything that makes descending into the bowels of that hellhole slightly less terrible is a-okay by us. [New York Times]

- Yet another longtime alt venue in the East Village, the Yippie Museum Cafe, appears to be closing. Bummer. [EV Grieve]

- Next week's New Yorker cover illustration features Bert and Ernie watching the Supreme Court, a clear allusion to this week's SCOTUS decision to overturn DOMA. (Not a fan? You might agree with this post by Flavorwire's Tyler Coates.) [New Yorker; Flavorwire]

- Vulture looks at the gender imbalance in buddy comedies, finding that "since the ’80s, fewer than ten buddy comedies starring two women have been released." Jeez, Hollywood. (Incidentally, The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, is out this weekend; we gave the movie three stars.) [Vulture]

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