Lookin' good, New York: 15 glorious photos of NYC

Readers have been sharing their city shots for a chance to win a new camera and a trip to London. Check out some of our favorites and find out how to enter.

  • Photograph: Atisha Paulson

  • Photograph: Aurelie Joly

  • Photograph: Barrett Brown

  • Photograph: Ben Hagen

  • Photograph: Bonnie Gray

  • Photograph: Brendan Vogel

  • Photograph: Detchapat Arttasan

  • Photograph: Jana DeHart

  • Photograph: Jimmy Hang

  • Photograph: Joyce Uang

  • Photograph: Leanne Staples

  • Photograph: Leo Mendonca

  • Photograph: Mary Beckest

  • Photograph: Rachel LaQuercia

  • Photograph: Sarah Cox

Photograph: Atisha Paulson

NYC is a visually iconic city, boasting Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge et al. But there are so many more sides to the metropolis and, with the ubiquity of digital cameras, many more photographers to capture them. We've been running a competition asking New Yorkers to submit the images that represent what they love about the five boroughs, and man, we've received some stunners (thanks, all!). Check out 15 of our favorite city shots, chosen by Time Out photo editor Krista Schlueter.

But our gratitude doesn't really cut it, so every week a panel of judges have been picking their five favorites and awarding a digital camera as a prize (peep the winning entries here). Even better, those winners then have a chance to have one of their photos featured on an upcoming cover and win a trip to London. The contest runs through February 10, so there's still a chance to upload your photos. Enter now.

And hey, even if you don't win, you will have added your vision of the city to this sweet gallery. If you're looking to waste an afternoon at work, just get lost in this feast for the eyes.