Loren Kramar, 21

9th St between First and Second Aves

Loren Kramar
Loren Kramar

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

I'm getting...modern-day Charlie Chaplin. [Laughs] I guess we look a bit alike.

What would Charlie do if he were born in 1987? I don't know! I'm at Cooper Union. I take sculpture classes and I do a lot of writing.

What do you write? Monologues. I write them for people I know. Usually I'll present them to an audience, all of whom had monologues written for them.

Good idea—I might get bored listening to a monologue, but if I knew it was for me, I'd listen. [Laughs] Yeah, and I think the nervousness of knowing that someone's about to read to you specifically in front of a room of people makes it more exciting. I also sing at a piano bar called Ella on Avenue A.

What do you sing? Covers—Celine Dion, the Bee Gees...

Not ironically? No way. I think I have a sense of humor and it comes through in the songs that I'm singing, but I wouldn't say it's an ironic performance.

Doesn't singing cheese-ball songs ever make you feel embarrassed? Oh no, I'm never embarrassed by the songs I pick, ever. I would have been embarrassed had I been in a costume. Part of the charm is coming off as humble, whether or not I am. And letting that come through wearing blue jeans and boots and no shirt, as opposed to—

A sequined unitard? Exactly. Or something with sequins. We'll let that come in a few years.

More from Loren:

"One of the things I love to sing is 'Hit the Road, Jack' and songs by La Bouche. Those are really fun. Oh, and one of my favorites is 'Superstar' by the Carpenters. I'd sing it for you, but you're going to have to come see it."

"I just got an e-mail from my dad; his name is Stuart Kramar. He writes poetry. I thought I could read it and have it in print....I hope he's not embarrassed. It's called 'Football.' 'Forty athletes go grabbling on tonight/His untrained men proud yesterday/Losing in disappearing yards.'"

Loren says: "There's a great furrier and custom tailor who works with leather and exotic skins. His name is Rafael and his store is called Ruslan, on 30th Street and Seventh Avenue. The quality of the skins and his technical abilities as a tailor are very impressive. Do I have qualms about murdering animals for clothing? Well, no. I don't."

--Kate Lowenstein