Macklemore and Ryan Lewis surprised NYC bus commuters (video)

The hip-hop duo took transit performances to a more professional level with this video, a promotional bit for this month's Grammy Awards

Macklemore, left, with Ryan Lewis

Macklemore, left, with Ryan Lewis Photograph: John Keatley

Cute, Grammys. Real cute. As a promotional gambit for the awards show, which happens January 26, the producers sent Macklemore and Ryan Lewis onto a Queens bus to perform their hit "Can't Hold Us," complete with boom box and, inexplicably, paper-towel flinging. While this is certainly more professional than the typical song-and-dance routines commuters encounter on public transit, it lacks a certain chutzpah that amateur subway performers bring to the occasion.

We do wonder if the passengers on the bus (it looks like the Q60) knew what was going to happen beforehand; judging by most of the reactions, we'd say no, but you never know. (The face of the burly dude at the 44-second mark is priceless.) And hey, bus driver, we see you clapping along. That's unsafe, man!

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