Mayor Bloomberg launches "We Are Made in NY" initiative for tech companies

The new campaign puts the spotlight on New York City's fast-developing tech sector.

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Earlier today, Mayor Bloomberg announced the city's latest economic development program: "We Are Made in NY," an inititative aimed toward growing New York City's already-booming tech community. (Bloomberg's office later crafted a BuzzFeed-esque Tumblr post for the occasion, titled "5 Animals Who Are Not Disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg"). Among the 900 tech start-ups located here: Foursquare, Tumblr, OkCupid, Etsy, and BuzzFeed, pictured above, which we recently profiled as one of NYC's coolest companies.

The initiative is aimed at both employers and job seekers, with different options available for both. Start-ups looking to put down roots in New York City, for example, have easy access to necessary resources for growing a business (such as funding through NYC Seed, or subsidized work spaces through NYCEDC). Those searching for a job, meanwhile, can consult the Made in NY list or Jobs map to see which tech companies are hiring; the website also features a "Learn" section that lists classes, postgrad programs and other resources for those looking to boost their tech-friendly skills.

The Bloomberg administration estimates that the number of employees at digital-media companies grew by 80 percent between 2007 and 2011. Given the reach of this initiative—and the fact that there are reportedly 3,000 tech jobs open at the moment—it seems that number is likely to go up in the coming years.