Mayor Bloomberg made his first-ever SNL appearance this weekend (video)

With less than two weeks left in his tenure, Mayor Bloomberg stopped by the Weekend Update desk to discuss his next moves

Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live

Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live

New York City is eight days away from having a new mayor, but Mayor Bloomberg hasn't been resting on his laurels in his final days on the job: He took a ceremonial ride through the new 7 train station at 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue; he's been angling for approval of some of his pet projects, including Williamsburg's controversial Domino Sugar apartment complex; and on Saturday, hizzoner made his first ever appearance on Saturday Night Live, appearing in a Weekend Update segment with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon.

The segment—based on the fact that both Bloomberg and Fallon will be starting new gigs in the new year (Fallon begins hosting The Tonight Show in February)—gave the SNL writers a chance to poke fun at some of the mayor's more controversial moments, such as the soda ban. To his credit, Bloomie seemed pretty game for the whole thing—including mocking his Spanish-speaking skills (or lack thereof). Check out the clip below.

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