Meet the New Yorkers who should have paid attention to Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day

Having a bad day at the office? It could be worse. Here are some poor folks who just hit rock-bottom.

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That’s right everyone, it’s officially Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day. We say officially, but that’s with about as much authority as a five-year old saying it’s officially candy-eating day. Also, we’re going to hazard a guess and say that you probably are at work right now, and that it doesn’t feel like a Non! Stop! Party! HOWEVER. You’re probably having a better time in the office than these poor people, who hit headlines with their impressively awful days at work.

1. The Stenographer

Courthouse stenographer Daniel Kochanski found infamy yesterday after going rogue on a booze binge and failing to transcribe the events that were unfolding in court—instead he repeatedly wrote, “I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job.” Yeah, we laughed at first, too—but Kochanski’s “gibberish” may jeopardize criminal convictions, and it’s apparently not the first time it’s happened. Insert awkward-face emoji.

2. No-pants guy
MTA worker Christopher Chase spent his day off (and birthday weekend) participating in Improv Everywhere’s annual exercise in silliness, No Pants Subway Ride. You can see Chase’s cheerful visage and pants-less legs in this jolly photo. Unfortunately, his bosses saw the pic too, and he was reprimanded for “behavior unbecoming.” “I think it’s stupid,” Chase has said. “I wasn’t on duty or in uniform or anything like that, and it was a public event.” Apparently the MTA has requested that Chase promise in writing that he won’t do it again. We think he should ask the stenographer to type it up for him.

3. News reporters during a national crisis
If there was any light relief to be found during the grim days of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, it came, ironically, from the legion of plucky news reporters who braved the storm in the name of news. You’ll witness all manner of silliness in this blooper reel—really, the supreme example of a bad day at work. Watch it, have a giggle, then go out and get a doughnut, office hero. You deserve it.

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