More details and renderings of New York's +POOL revealed

Remember when the floating pool in the East River was a distant dream? Well, it’s inching toward blissful reality.

Rendering of +POOL

Rendering of +POOL

The city has its fair shares of public pools, but none come close to being as cool as +POOL, the floating structure filled with filtered river water proposed for one of the city's many waterways. If that sounds like one of those many ambitious, unrealistic projects that will never see the light of day (such as that tentacle-y structure in Queens), rest your doubts—real progress is underway.

In a press conference yesterday, the +POOL founders announced they've been testing and improving water quality in the Hudson River with Float Lab, a temporary and smaller version of the utterly vital filtration system (who wants to take a dip in the East River? Ick!) to be installed. The structure has a membranelike skin that essentially strains bacteria and contaminants out of polluted water, and the pool team is collecting data with the Float Lab prototype. Curious as to what they're finding in the city's filthy rivers? You're in luck—they've partnered with Google to share water-quality data in real time, and an online app will launch May 6.

And as for the real-deal, plus-size pool—you know, the kind you can actually dive into safely—its creators are hoping for a 2016 launch date. According to the Post, they hope to dock it in the East River, but it could also end up in the Hudson River, by Governors Island or next to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Supporters have already contributed close to $275,000 to a Kickstarter campaign; if you'd like to get involved, you can claim one of the 70,000 tiles that will cover the pool's interior. Should each one actually get purchased, then the cool $15 million necessary to construct the pool will be covered. Check out more info on the Tile by Tile campaign here.

Fingers crossed all goes as planned—and New Yorkers will finally get to float in a cleaner version of the city's prized rivers.

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