More frigid weather predicted in NYC for March

Bad news, folks: Weather experts expect this winter’s weather pattern to remain unchanged across the Northeast throughout the rest of the month

Photograph: Hannah Dithrich

Despite a few sunny glimmers of spring here and there, March has thus far been persistently, brutally cold. And days like today are expected throughout the rest of the month; the cold jets responsible for the weather pattern of the Northeast's endless winter of snowstorms, polar vortices and frigid temps aren't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, the West Coast is experiencing the flip side of this persistent weather pattern: a record-breaking heat wave. Temperatures this month are in the high 70s in Northern California and the 90s in SoCal. We shake our fists at you, shorts-wearing Californians! Check out this nice graphic from the NOAA, which displays the country's dual weather extremes:

Graphic courtesy NOAA

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