New citywide signage to help pedestrians navigate

The Department of Transportation is rolling out detailed maps to give poor lost souls some much-needed direction.

DOT WalkNYC signs

DOT WalkNYC signs Photo credit: New York City Department of Transit

Despite the omnipresence of smartphones, it's still possible to get lost in New York City, especially when you're trying to navigate neighborhoods off the grid system (West Village, we're looking at you!). To aid disoriented locals—and, let's be honest, tourists—the Department of Transportation developed WalkNYC, a network of 100 signs designed to give pedestrians a quick yet comprehensive idea of what's around them.

Launching in Chinatown and expanding to additional ’hoods in August (34th Street, the Garment District, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights and Long Island City), the oversize maps will depict streets in the immediate area, major attractions, travel information (subway stations, bike lanes), estimated walking times between points of interest and, for the 33 percent of us who don't know which way is north, cardinal directions. Eventually, these types of signposts will also be positioned at Select Bus Service stops and include countdown clocks for bus arrivals.

Do you think WalkNYC will be helpful to New Yorkers, or will out-of-towners be the only ones gawking at the maps? Tweet us your thoughts (@timeoutnewyork)!

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