New dating site Mesh is looking to make life easier for New York singles

Mesh's angle? To filter out the B.S. and make your dating life more straightforward.

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Dating in New York sucks—even online. Honestly, there are only so many wack first dates and creepy messages one can take. But brand-new New York dating site Mesh claims to be able to make things easier, with a focus on filtering out the nonsense so hopeless romantics can remain hopeful about finding love in one of the most cynical cities around.

Thanks to a few single Brooklynites who were woefully frustrated by the current state of the online dating world (and who just happened to have programming experience), Mesh Labs Inc. was born, and New Yorkers can now "mesh better." Their angle? Less junk, better matches.That's it. First off, no more need to worry about those sketchy "Sup, boo," messages cluttering up your inbox, because with Mesh, any questionable e-mails will be moved into a separate folder, candidly called "Mismatch," which you can check, or not check, on your own accord. Even before anyone can contact you, they'll have to agree with you on five questions you've deemed most important called "deal breakers." Don't worry, they won't see your answers first, so they can't cheat (which would be pathetic). And if they don't agree with your answers? On to the next one.

In the most innovative twist, Mesh is putting a stop to the queer and transgender exclusion trend. When cofounder Yeni Sleidi, a queer woman, says "that Mesh doesn't put anyone in a box," it's actually true. Along with the usual lesbian, gay or bi, Mesh is the first site to allow queer as a sexuality, and transgender as a gender option, making this site open for anyone to identify however they please. There are also options to list yourself as being in an open relationship for the prominent NYC poly community out there.

Now calm down, Mesh doesn't promise you your dream match, as no one can. Not even your mom's friend (the one who insists on calling herself "the matchmaker") can do that. But this new, crap-free site does seem to make your romantic endeavors a helluva lot easier. Mesh is currently open in its pre-beta stage for New Yorkers only.