New e-hail stats: 25 percent of users are over 65 years old

The Taxi and Limousine Commission released data from its smartphone-hailing pilot program, showing that even older NYC-ers are using the service

Nearly 55,000 people have arranged for a taxi via app in the three months since the programs became legal—and 25 percent of those e-hailers were over 65 years old. The findings, from a Taxi and Limousine Commission report released yesterday, show that under 23 percent of requests successfully led to rides, but that number is increasing regularly—over 40 percent by late August.

In addition, the report found that prospective e-hail users are 60 percent more likely to get an actual ride via app in Manhattan below 110th Street. (We guess that's what those Boro Taxis are for.) Though only 1 in 700 cab rides is the result of an app hail, the study's results were positive enough to make the service, a pilot program since June, a permanent option for NYC.

(h/t Daily News)

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