New rogue signs in subways help you make the quickest transfer

Despite opposition from the MTA, the Efficient Passenger Project aims to simplify and speed up your commute

Photograph courtesy Efficient Passenger Project

You know how you know when you're a real New Yorker? One indicator is that you plan your subway ride so that your train will drop you off at the stairwell closest to your transfer. Not only does this mean that you know the underground like the back of your hand, but also that you're neurotic enough to care about those few extra moments shaved off your commute. And now, new signage is here to help both longtime subway riders and tourists new to the good ol' MTA system.

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The simple placards, first spotted by WNYC on Monday, are posted on subway platforms and read "Board Here" with icons of the relevant lines. Choose the one appropriate to your journey and board nearby to make an expedient transfer. So far, the plaques been rolled out along the L train at Eighth Ave in Manhattan to Myrtle–Wyckoff Aves in Brooklyn…but not by the MTA. Behind the project is the Efficient Passenger Project (EPP), an organization totally independent from the transit agency.

"We want to facilitate a faster, more enjoyable commute; it's an independent civic project in the public interest" says an EPP rep, who wished to remain anonymous. However informative the signs may be, the MTA's not having it, maintaining they will lead to unbalanced passenger loading in cars and overcrowded platform areas. The signs at Bedford Ave were removed yesterday morning, but the project's creators plan to keep pushing their initative. "We're working overtime to replace [the plaques] so the project can continue to provide value to daily riders," they say.

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