New to Prospect Park Zoo: Adorable marmoset twins

Baby animals! The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Brooklyn zoo welcomes a pair of white-fronted marmosets.

Marmoset twins at the Prospect Park Zoo

Marmoset twins at the Prospect Park Zoo Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

The marmoset monkeys at the Prospect Park Zoo were briefly interrupted from scratching themselves and walking around in total bliss when two more of their kind were born in November. The Wildlife Conservation Society's pair of Geoffroy’s marmosets, Gordon and Xing, became parents late last year when they had the twins pictured above; as it turns out, birthing two offspring at once is quite typical for the species.

And in case you needed a refresher on what a marmoset is, we've found that the adorable little critters are a type of monkey from parts of eastern Brazil's rain forest. Unlike many of the WCS species, this one is not endangered, though the area they're native to is susceptible to deforestation. The cuties in the photo are known as white-fronted marmosets for obvious reasons—just look at those faces! You can visit the whole family at the Prospect Park Zoo.

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