New Year's resolutions for friends and family

We set enough goals for self-improvement. Let's use our imaginations to dream up a few resolutions for our nearest and dearest.

New Year's Eve in Times Square

New Year's Eve in Times Square Photograph: Courtesy Countdown Entertainment

It's a few days into 2013 and if you're anything like us, you've probably made—and already broken—several of your New Year's self-improvement goals. Over the last month, maybe you've made a list of volunteer projects to get involved in or gyms and fitness classes to help you shed pounds. Or perhaps you've taken a more selfish route and pledged to drink better, visit more museums or finally hit up all those best restaurants you've never tried.

Today we say: Enough with the navel-gazing! Let's use the power of our minds to dream up some goals for other people. In the comments, tell us about a resolution you've make for one of your pals or family members. Get creative, but there's no need to name names. This is the Internet, people, and like Vegas, and what happens on the Web stays on the Web. At least until someone clears the cache.