New York declares war on rats!

The city is now home to twice as many rats as people…gross

Well…yuck. With the news that New York is now home to "twice as many rats as there are people" it might just be time to start carrying traps around everywhere you go. Because that means there are nearly 17 million of the critters. City officials have finally decided it's time for us to fight back. Nine new inspectors are being hired to take on the war against the fanged nuisances. They've been armed (the employees, not the rats) with an increased budget, to help them track down rodent hot spots like parks, sewers and subways.

We know these rodents have as much of a right to exist as any creature, but we really don't want New York to start resembling the old woman's house in Ratatouille—and these rats can't even cook or give their inner thoughts in a delightfully voiced monologue by Patton Oswald.

There's no doubt that rats are here to stay, and indeed, their numbers are on the rise. You'll find them in every subway station, and not just the stations but inside the trains too. There's sadly no escaping them, it would seem.

If you really can't stand the thought of coexisting with the fur-covered rascals then the best thing to do is probably check out's handy guide to the areas of New York that have suffered the most rat violations that we brought you earlier this year.

Failing that, we hear Maine is lovely this time of year…