New York is the sixth greenest state in America, and other eco news

Check out an interactive map ranking U.S. states by environmental friendliness, plus new green initiatives in NYC.

Map lovers, tree huggers and competitive New Yorkers: Take a look at this interactive infograph (via MPHonline) that ranks U.S. states based on their greenness. You can toggle between overall ecological excellence as well as specific categories, such as water quality, recycling and CO2 emissions. New York is the sixth greenest state in America—pretty good, but we can definitely do better. As for our No. 26 ranking in terms of environmentally friendly mass transit, pardon our language, but WTF?!?

In other eco-friendly tidbits, in case you missed it, Bloomberg announced last month his plan to make composting mandatory for New Yorkers by 2016—but over a hundred local restaurants have already been saving their food scraps as part of his Food Waste Challenge, a voluntary program to get eateries—by far the largest producers of food waste—to reduce their landfill contributions. And the city's got quite a roster participating, including Chipotle, Le Bernardin, the Batali empire and plenty more joints both high- and lowbrow.

This news should help in reducing the city's collective "ewwwww" to the mayor's proposal. This slew of restaurants has been composting since April, and we haven't seen a surge in rats, smells or bugs, have we? Plus, as the Daily Intelligencer pointed out by having writer Jen Doll save her food scraps in her studio apartment for ten days, composting isn't that gross.

If you want to start participating ahead of the 2016 requirement but don't know where to start, build your own worm bin at the "Aerobic and Anaerobic Composting" class. It's happening August 3 at 1pm for only $10, and you can choose among three locations in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Head over to the City Parks Foundation website for details.

And what do you, dear readers, think about composting—worthy eco-do-goodery, or nasty vermin invitation? Would you do it? Let us know via Twitter (@timeoutnewyork) or in the comments.

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