New York is truly the city that never sleeps (video)

This fascinating video depicts a year’s worth of Foursquare check-ins over a single day to show New Yorkers’ movements across the city.

Still of Foursquare "pulse" video

Still of Foursquare "pulse" video

Foursquare has put its massive data trove to good use, compiling check-ins across various cities to show how users move about town and effectively providing visualizations of a city's pulse. Watch the embedded video below to see how New Yorkers' movements ebb and flow across the five boroughs; color-coded dots represent various types of check-ins (nightlife, residence, transportation, etc.), and each line represents a user moving from one spot to the next.

To make the mesmerizing videos, the social-media company tabulated its millions of users' daily check-ins for an entire year, then used that data to depict a single day in a metropolis. New York City's results essentially confirm something we already knew: that the city never, ever sleeps, with users converging on Manhattan in the morning, then on nightlife spots after work (happy hour, anyone?) and then on food destinations well after 2am. You can see the other cities' (San Francisco, Istanbul, Tokyo and more) visualizations via Vimeo.

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