Nick Caves collide! The musician meets the artist, minds melt

If you've noticed a rip in the space-time continuum, blame these guys.

Nick Caves about to make art and music, respectively

Nick Caves about to make art and music, respectively

If you've been confused about whether Nick Cave, the gothic Australian rocker, is the same guy responsible for the furry-horse installation Heard-NY, currently happening at Grand Central, you are not alone. U.K. music mag NME recently posted (and retracted) a story conflating the two, and to be honest, there have been questions floating around this office as well. To make matters worse, the music-making Nick Cave also happens to be in NYC this week, playing three nights at the Beacon Theatre with his band the Bad Seeds. Let me state in clear language: They are not the same human.

So with both Nick Caves in town, we've been wondering: Will the pair cross paths? If so, will a Highlander-like battle for the mantle of Nick Cave ensue? Will alternate Earths collide to create a multiverse of doppelganger artist-musicians? This last proposition, we thought, was a long shot: A few years ago, The New Yorker brokered a meeting between Dan Bejar (artist) and Dan Bejar (musician), and we're all still here.

Since last night, those questions can be put to rest. A meeting did occur, proof of which was posted on Nick Cave (visual artist)'s Facebook page. Far from battling with longswords on the Scottish moors, both parties appear to be smiling—slyly, almost like they planned Nick Cave Week from the start.

Nick Cave Week continues with concerts through Saturday and Heard-NY through Sunday. Not by the same person, though.