No, the Met isn't charging a mandatory fee for visitors (yet)

The Bloomberg administration’s amendment of the landmark museum’s lease won’t change much for visitors—for now

Museum Buttons: The Met

Museum Buttons: The Met Photograph: Virginia Rollison

When The New York Times reported on Thursday that the Metropolitan Museum of Art had amended its fee policy, granting itself the right to impose a mandatory admission charge, the Internet went wild. Multiple outlets stated that visitors would soon be charged the full $25, replacing the long-standing pay-what-you-wish policy.

But here's the rub: Nothing has actually happened. Before you start tearing your hair out about the rising cost of, well, everything in New York City (see: MetroCards, rent et al.), we'd like to highlight a quote from the Met's Harold Holzer to the Times: "We have no plans to institute [a mandatory admission fee], and no plans to make plans."

Granted, there's a chance that the full cost could become mandatory—and we'll be plenty outraged if that ever happens—but right now, let's all take a deep breath and calm down. Our dear Met—the largest and most-visited museum in NYC—remains, for the time being, one of the better deals in town.

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