Nominate the unofficial mayor of NYC

The New York Times is putting out a call for the names of community stalwarts who are the real “mayors” of the city. Who's your pick?

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg

If there hasn’t been enough media coverage of certain candidates to remind you, a number of New York mayoral contenders is racing to become Bloomberg’s heir this November. However, The New York Times announced yesterday that it’s looking for a completely new set of candidates. Rather than seeking out those with political aspirations, the Times has put out a call for the unofficial mayors of the city's communities.

These are the kinds of people hold office hours on street corners and press conferences on front steps. They don’t have campaign teams and often aren’t looking to lead. Instead, they’re the characters who mold and shape the identity of their neighborhoods. From small-scale activists to good-natured gossips and mediators, they are much-loved—and indispensable—presences in Gotham’s local communities.

To nominate your own neighborhood mayor, head over to the City Room blog and submit his or her name. To be considered, your candidate can’t hold an elected office or be a city employee, and must be game for an interview with the Times (who isn’t?).

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