Now you can see Sharknado on the big screen

This was probably inevitable: Syfy's campy disaster flick is coming to theaters on Friday, August 2.

Artist's rendering of a possible Williamsburg shark attack

Artist's rendering of a possible Williamsburg shark attack Photoshopped by Bryan Mayes

Who really knows why Sharknado was such a success: Was it because the concept was so dumb that people had to watch to see what happened? Was it the promise of seeing C-list ’90s celebrities doing dumb things? Was it just because people like to joke about stupid things on Twitter? (We're guessing some twisted combination of all three.)

Whatever the reason, there's no denying that Syfy's campy, ridiculous film about a shark tornado was, indeed, a success. A NYC-set sequel is in the works, and now, you can actually go to a theater and watch the movie on the big screen. The flick will show next Friday, August 2, at midnight at Regal Union Square; you can find tickets on Fathom Events' website. Much like other so-bad-they're-popular classics like The Room, be prepared to quote the most ridiculous lines with your fellow audience members.

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