Now you can take your baby to a rave in NYC. Hooray?

Baby Rave is coming to the New Victory Theater, May 7–18. Better bust out that pacifier.

New York is a very competitive place when it comes to kids: Even the city’s kindergartens have a rigorous admissions process that would put most colleges to shame. If you want to make sure your baby has had a well-rounded cultural life by the time they can walk (because really, it’s far more important for your child to be fluent in Flemish or be able to recite Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene in full than to, you know, actually have a childhood), then maybe you should consider taking them to a rave.

What? It’s not that stupid an idea. The rave scene was a vital and vibrant part of the cultural landscape in the late '80s and early '90s and…yeah, okay, it’s pretty stupid.

The idea is cute in principle, though. Baby Rave started in the U.K., and allows parents to take their kids—aged four months to four years—to an interactive experience in which toddler-friendly dance music is played against a backdrop of colorful lights and friendly shapes. It’s basically an excuse for club-loving parents to relive their glory days, but also spend time with their children (and less time gurning). Considering how many of those parents spent their raving days with a pacifier jammed in their mouth, it’s really quite appropriate.

If you feel like your babies need a dose of white-gloved glow-stick waving in their lives, head over to the New Victory Theater between May 7 and May 18. Tickets are $15 (or $10.50 for members).

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