Now you can tip New York street musicians through PayPal

No change in your pockets? No problem.

Street musicians are everywhere in this town. Sometimes they’re a delight—a perfect musical accompaniment to your own special New York moments. Other times, they’re hell on earth—sitting, face in hands on the subway at 8am, trying not to throw up last night’s cocktails as an accordion jackhammers its way into your skull with the world’s least enthusiastic rendition of “La Cucaracha.” In the latter case, you’re probably not too tempted to tip, but what about when you find yourself genuinely touched by a performer, and have no cash with which to show your appreciation?

Enter Tip Jar Tunes, the latest service you never even knew you wanted. The site tracks down the best buskers in the city, then films them performing mostly improvised pieces, showcasing both their musical talent and showmanship. As an ongoing project, the likelihood of being able to see more of a performer you fell in love with on the street increases each day, and here’s the best part—the site allows you to tip them through PayPal, so you never have to feel bad about enjoying a show, then walking away, gesturing awkwardly at your empty pockets.

You can watch a few of the artists featured on the site below, or head to Tip Jar Tunes to see the rest of the videos.


Bird Courage

Shigemasa and Tobias

All videos filmed by Cody Swanson.