Now you can travel from Hell's Kitchen to FiDi by boat

New York Water Taxi is launching commuter ferry service between West 44th Street and the World Financial Center, and it’s free for the first week

Good news for people who commute between the West Side and the Financial District (or people who dream of jumping into a water taxi and yelling, “Follow that tugboat of bond traders! And step on it!”): On Monday, May 19, New York Water Taxi will debut a brand-new commuter ferry route along Manhattan’s West Side. Service will run on the Hudson River between Pier 84 (on 44th Street) and the World Financial Center ferry terminal (Vesey Street) every 15 minutes during morning and evening rush hour, Monday through Friday, and cost $8 round-trip (less for frequent commuters). Cheapskate commodores should take advantage of the first week of service (May 19–23), when the fee will be waived, and free doughnuts and coffee will be served on board.

“Wait a second, you can commute by boat?” you may be asking yourself, especially if you just muscled your way into a packed subway car. “Like, on the water? I can gaze serenely upon the shoreline and inhale rat-poop–free river air?” Oh yes, my friend. New York is a port city, after all. But getting to work isn’t the only thing waterborne transportation is good for. A quick roundup of things you can do by ferry:

NY Waterway operates ferries between Manhattan and Brooklyn, Queens or New Jersey. New York Water Taxi travels around the coast of Manhattan and stops at Brooklyn. And if you’re coming from Staten Island, there is the appropriately named (and free) Staten Island Ferry.

Go to the beach
Seastreak Ferry will take you to the pristine Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. New York Beach Ferry goes to Rockaway Beach (but only during the summer; the 2014 schedule should be announced soon).

See the Statue of Liberty for free
Staten Island Ferry. No place better for drinking a beer (purchased legally at the ferry’s concession stand) and thinkin’ ’bout immigration and America and stuff.

Go to Governors Island (starting May 24)
No other way to get there but boat, really. But it’s free, and you can depart from Brooklyn or the South Street Seaport in Manhattan.

Travel to a baseball game
Seastreak Ferry caters to both Yankees and Mets fans.

Buy a Malm dresser
New York Water Taxi’s Ikea express shuttle departs from Wall Street’s Pier 11. And you also get an awesome view of the Statue of Liberty, which is nice on the way back, after inevitably breaking up with your significant other in IKEA's specially designed couple-destroying maze.

Take a good old-fashioned boat tour
Check out our roundup of sightseeing trips that will take you round the horn (of Manhattan).