Nutrition classes and healthy cooking classes

Complement your fitness routine by learning how to fuel your body the right way with these nutrition classes.

When you’re striving to get fit and achieve a better body, there’s no point in ruining your hard work with junk food. Find out how to fuel your body with healthy grub at these nutrition classes, run by organizations including the Natural Gourmet Institute and the Institute of Culinary Education.

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Achieving Balance with Ayurveda at the Natural Gourmet Institute

You’ve probably heard the term Ayurveda, but you may not know what it means or why it’s worth integrating into your routine. After spending an entire day with chef and Ayurvedic instructor Richard LaMarita, however, you’ll be well-informed about the world’s oldest prevention-oriented health-care philosophy, which is based on harmony and balance. In addition to practicing the system for the past 25 years, LaMarita also worked with Chef Floyd Cardoz for two years at now-defunct NYC Indian restaurant Tabla. This particular class focuses on the principles of mind-body health, the theory of food and digestion, and balancing and planning a menu. Once you’re familiar with the concepts, you’ll end the day by preparing a delicious meal of broccoli-and-apple chaat salad, aromatic coconut rice and other dishes informed by Ayurvedic principles. • 212-645-5170, ext 4; Next class Sept 15 at 10am–5pm; $165.

  1. 48 W 21st St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, second floor

Techniques of Healthful Cooking at the Institute of Culinary Education

In a three-lesson series at ICE, you’ll learn how to create filling meals that are packed with flavor, not calories.First, you’ll learn how to season with herbs and spices; then, you’ll be taught how to incorporate those ingredients into easy-to-prepare dishes, such as cornmeal-crusted tilapia and roasted split chicken smothered with onion marmalade. During the third session, you and your classmates will prepare a waistline-friendly meal that’ll impress friends and family. Once you’re through, you’ll have a repertoire that includes seared duck breasts with green olives, zucchini stuffed with herbed goat cheese and chocolate fondue with fruit. • 212-847-0700, Next class Sept 20, 27, Oct 4 at 6–10:30pm; $350.

  1. 50 W 23rd St, (between Fifth Ave and Sixth Aves)
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Balanced Meals for New Yorkers On-The-Go at Haven’s Kitchen

  • Price band: 2/4

Chef Julia Sullivan and Body Space Fitness coach Kado Simmons teach this seminar for health-conscious food lovers. In the two-hour-long session, you’ll get insight into the best ways to fill your body with the nutrients you need to train hard and stay focused and energized throughout the day. Ingredients from the Union Square Greenmarket serve as the basis for hearty dishes. • 212-929-7900, Next class Oct 18 at 7–9pm; $100.

  1. 109 W 17th St, (between Sixth and Seventh Aves)
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How to Eat: A Crash Course in Food Education at Home Cooking New York

The myriad options at the supermarket—whole wheat versus multigrain, agave versus date syrup, organic versus semi-organic—make today’s food world a confusing place to shop. Learn the ten things you need to know in order to sort through all the information out there and become a savvy consumer and cook. You’ll get a primer on how to shop for produce and meat; the difference between good fats and bad fats; how to understand food labels; why eating locally is a good idea; and much more. • 917-803-6857, Next class Oct 29 at 7–9pm; $75.

  1. 236 W 26th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, suite 601

Super Nutrition: The Secret to Super Immunity at the 92nd Street Y

  • Price band: 2/4
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Author and obesity specialist Dr. Joel Fuhrman teaches the five simple rules for building a powerful immune system in an evening devoted to his “nutritarian” diet. The Eat to Live author will discuss how to become a person who prefers high-micronutrient foods by building a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (including mushrooms, berries and leafy greens), plus nuts, seeds and beans. Once you hear about the benefits of consuming these noshables (reduced susceptibility to infections, protection against common diseases like cancer), you’ll look at that slice of pizza in a new, less appetizing light. • 212-415-5500, Nov 13 at 6:30pm; $20.

  1. 1395 Lexington Ave, (between 91st and 92nd Sts)
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