NYC is the eighth best-paying city for women in America

A new study compared income for men and women across the U.S. and found they don’t make equal pay anywhere—but some cities are more fair than others

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In a time when NYC's mayor likes to joke about his predilection for Che Guevara posters and high-fashion outlets like Barneys are embracing transgender models, it might be possible to forget that women still don't receive the same salaries as men; President Obama's State of the Union speech last week reminded Americans that ladies make 77 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. Forbes decided to dig deeper into that shameful fact, looking at census data to see if women make equal pay in any U.S. city. (Using financial-literacy company NerdWallet, the study compared median salaries of men and women working full-time in over 500 major U.S. cities.) The unfortunate verdict: They don't.

However, wages and fairness varied wildly city by city. The best-paying urban spot for women is San Jose, California, with a median yearly income of $56,000 a year, while the lowest-paid ladies reside in Laredo, Texas ($24,700). As for NYC? The city's female workers make almost $10K less than in the California metropolis—the median salary for women is $47,600, which comes in as the eighth best-paying city. Hey, eighth place isn't so bad out of all the country's major metro areas, but we'd like to see NYC in the top five.

However, if you're looking at equal pay instead of highest pay, NYC does rank as one of the most gender-equitable cities; women make 84 percent of what men do. (San Francisco is similarly fair, albeit with a higher median salary). Let's bring that number up to an even 100—please and thank you.

(h/t Forbes)

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