NYC loves calzones, so here are some Ben Wyatt GIFs

Calzones are popping up at haute NYC pizzerias these days—and who better to illustrate our feelings about this than Ben Wyatt?



This week, our Food & Drink team took a look at the recent mini-boom of calzones at NYC restaurants like Roberta’s, Motorino and Brooklyn Central.

But it also got us thinking about—naturally—Parks and Recreation. Not just because the wonderful NBC comedy returns tonight, but also because: do you know who loves calzones?

Yep. Ben Wyatt. Dude loves calzones. And so, in tribute to NYC's new calzone fascination and our enduring love for everything related to Parks and Rec, here are our favorite GIFs illustrating the special relationship between Ben and the pizza-esque handheld dish.

And who can forget Ben's possibly genius (or possibly just terrible) idea for a calzone-themed restaurant?

Sadly, the calzones eventually turn on Ben.

It is worth noting, though, that Ben is alone in his passion for calzones; most Pawnee residents don't understand his love of the doughy, cheesy dish.

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