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Spring leagues are here: Dust off your jock strap and get in the game.


The lowdown: We shudder at the thought of this gym-class horror show, but if you’re really into having balls chucked at your face (or doing the chucking), it’s a great stress-reliever. Six players on each team catapult squishy, grapefruit-size globes at one another, while catching or dodging opponents’ throws. The team with the last player(s) standing wins.
Why it’s awesome: It’s your best excuse to legally pummel someone to the ground. Matt Archambault, marketing manager for NYCSSC, says dodgeball is the organization’s “powerhouse,” with hundreds of players.
Sign me up! Play begins April 22 and 23 in four divisions—two from 6:30 to 10pm on Wednesdays in Soho and two from 6:30 to 9:30pm on Thursdays on the Upper East Side. Register by April 8; team fees are $1,400 (with a 14-player limit) or $100 for individuals.
OR TRY THIS! The coed Downtown Dodgeball league is smaller (about 100 players) and cheaper ($50 to register as an individual or team). Founder Adrianne Paolillo started it with her fianc last winter, and the six-on-six format maintains a 4:2 gender ratio for all games. The six-week season starts April 7; register by March 24 at


The lowdown: The ultimate playground sport is back. (Sorry, four square.) All you need is an inflated rubber ball and orange cones to mark your bases. And good news, ladies: The gender split for this league is 50-50.
Why it’s awesome: You’re relying on the nostalgia of childhood to make new friends. “It’s not often that you find yourself daydreaming at your cube about the best kicking order for your next game, but that’s what happens,” says league participant Jeremy Davies, 33, of the UES.
Sign me up! Registration ends Wednesday 18, with the seven-week season beginning March 30. Contests are scheduled Monday through Friday from 6 to 7pm on the Lower East Side. Fees are $1,600 for a team of 18 players, or $100 per player.


The lowdown: Broomball is a six-on-six sport played on ice, though players wear sneakers instead of skates and use a small inflatable soccer ball and broomlike stick in lieu of a puck and traditional hockey punter.
Why it’s awesome: Many of the players have prior broomball and/or hockey experience, so it’s highly competitive. “There’s a lot of people who know each other and have been playing for years,” says Archambault. It’s still friendly, though. Annika Sweetland, 32, of Chelsea, says she’s met hedge-funders, actors and even her boyfriend during broomball and inner-tube water polo sessions. “Our one commonality is a zest for life,” she says.
Sign me up! Play commences on a NHL-sized ice rink at City Ice Pavilion in Long Island City. The season lasts ten weeks, and games begin March 24. A team of 12 costs $2,400.


The lowdown: Not as Waspy as it sounds, the sport combines the rules of water polo with the lazybones nature of inner tubing. There’s just one caveat: The person in possession of the ball can be flipped over in his or her tube. This league is about 60 percent women.
Why it’s awesome: “This is an incredible cardio workout,” says Archambault. “It’s a lot of core work, paddling and kicking. There’s also a lot of laughter and ridiculous behavior.”
Sign me up! The seven-week season begins April 19, with all games scheduled at a pool in Chinatown. Registration ends April 8; the fee is $1,200 for a 12-player team and $100 for individuals.

LET’S GET PHYSICAL! To register for any of these leagues, visit

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