NYC trivia: Test your Gotham knowledge with Google-proof questions

Scratch your head at the confounding questions from TONY copy chief Noah Tarnow's popular live game show, coming soon to a small screen near you.

Test your knowledge of obscure NYC facts—sans the universal crutch known as Google—with these questions from Noah Tarnow. The Gotham culture expert, who keeps TONY scribes in grammatical check on the day-to-day as copy chief, also hosts quirky trivia show the Big Quiz Thing.

The live quiz event is premiering on the small screen July 14 on NYC Life (channel 25, 9pm), and tonight the Highline Ballroom is hosting a sneak preview. There will be trivia (of course), a cocktail hour and a performance from improv troupe New York Neo-Futurists. Brush up on your knowledge and find out just how well you know NYC with the questions below.

1. What’s the last initial of Jonathan, a New Yorker famous to millions of

2. Name the NYC subway line: 92% of the stations are in one borough, the rest
are in another.

3. Which 1970s SNL characters hailed from a real-world country that no longer
officially exists?

4. Name the NYC landmark: 51 between North and South.

5. What recent hit Broadway musical’s name establishes the NYC neighborhood
it’s set in?

6. Name the NYC comedian: Born mid-’20s, died mid-’60s, mentioned at the
beginning of a hit song 21 years later.

Answers: 1. Zizmor 2. The 1 train 3. The Festrunk Brothers (from Czechoslovakia) 4. Central Park 5. In the Heights 6. Lenny Bruce

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