NYC, Upworthy-style

We scale the heights of hyperbole in the vein of the Web’s most overwrought site

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We've all seen them screaming across our Facebook news feeds: Upworthy headlines, proclaiming to us in initial caps Just What Thing Is the Most Important Thing That Will Change How You Look at Every Other Thing. It's click-baiting at its most blatant, meant to awaken our emotional FOMO ("I must know exactly in what context this nine-year-old is precociously wise!"). We took a page from the viral website's playbook and dreamed up some headlines that would make most New Yorkers scramble for their mice.

Times Square

You’ll Cry at This Astonishing Footage of a Times Square Elmo Being Born in Captivity

Citi Bike

What One Brooklynite Did to This Citi Bike Will Change the Way You Think About Commuting Forever

Flatiron Building

We Sent 3,000 Photographers to New York City, and They All Took Pictures of the Flatiron Building

See Shocking Photos of Bill de Blasio Installing a Snow Machine on the Upper East Side

Thought You Couldn’t Hate Your Commute Any More? One Mariachi Band Elevates the Art of Annoyance.

This Woman Was Refused a Reservation at Sushi Nakazawa. You Won’t Believe What She Did Next.

Willemijn Verkaik as Elphaba in Wicked

Watch This Video and You’ll Cry Like a 13-Year-Old Girl Who’s Been Told Wicked Is Sold Out

Who Would Want to Murder the Cute, Matchmaking Central Park Horse Joe Neighmath? Ask Bill de Blasio.

One World Trade Center

The Inspiring Views from One World Trade Center Will Make You Want to Change Your Life—or at Least Your Pants

Think This Man Missed His Train Because of Snow Delays? Think Again.

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