NYC’s most influential person on Twitter is…Adam Schefter?

A social-media company measured responses and retweets to list the most prominent New Yorkers on Twitter, and the results are totally bizarre

The most influential New Yorker on Twitter is…who? That was the reaction this writer (admittedly not a sports fan) had to the ranking compiled by PeerIndex, a social-media company that created an algorithm to determine the Gothamites with the most leverage on Twitter. To do so, they created an algorithm that measures engagement, such as retweets and responses. Since social interactions take precedence, the politicans, celebs and media figures with the most followers aren't necessarily at the top of the list.

In fact, the list is surprising beyond NFL reporter's Adam Schefter's No. 1 spot. Another sports figure, ESPN's Darren Rovell, made the top ten, as did rappers French Montana and Action Bronson (plus more expected figures like Bloomberg and Donald Trump). As for the current mayor? Bill de Blasio is in measly 47th place—before Katie Couric, but after Lil' Kim. Go figure!

Here are the top ten most influential New Yorkers on Twitter; click over to Daily Intelligencer for more.

1. Adam Schefter
2. Donald Trump
3. Jimmy Fallon
4. Piers Morgan
5. Carmelo Anthony
6. French Montana
7. Michael Bloomberg
8. Nas
9. Darren Rovell
10. Action Bronson

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