Online Dating Ipsum turns dating profiles into bizarre found poetry

Programmer Lauren Hallden's automated text generator provides a weirdly accurate look into dudes' online dating profiles.

Lauren Hallden's Online Dating Ipsum

Lauren Hallden's Online Dating Ipsum

If you've ever ventured into the terrifying world of online dating, you know that certain words and phrases tend to pop up in people's profiles over and over again ("I'm looking for a good sense of humor," "I'm pretty laid-back," things along those lines). With that in mind, programmer Lauren Hallden created the Online Dating Lipsum, a text generator that takes all of the words she's found in dating profiles, spins them around, and throws them out into paragraphs that read sort of like gobbledygook, but provide some insight into dating profiles. (The name is a reference to lorem ipsum, the nonsensical dummy text that's often found in publishing programs. Clever.)

Hallden admits on the site that her sample group is pretty small—"my matches are your average twenty-, thirtysomething mid-Atlantic straight guys," she explains—but if you're at all familiar with that group, these word jumbles will seem bizarrely familiar—and maybe even a little bit comforting. (How many single straight ladies out there have been confronted with an endless number of OkCupid profiles from guys professing to love coffee and Infinite Jest? We can tell you from personal experience—it's a lot.)

(h/t The Hairpin)

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