Opinions are like...

Now that cranking out a blog is easier than getting a library card, what does this new panoply of voices means for the institution of criticism?

Introduction: The critical condition
Probing question: What's in store for criticism?
Probing question: What makes a critic a critic?
Probing question: What's the impact of citizen reviews?
Probing question: How do you make your voice heard?
Probing question: Should young writers aspire to be critics?
Probing question: Will critics matter in 2020?
Petty criticisms: Doesn’t it bug you when…
Master raters: On the user-generated review site Yelp, a growing number of New Yorkers churn out evaluations, for free. We asked three prominent posters, Why?
Bias beware: What sort of rules of conduct should a good critic follow?
Video debate, what does six stars mean?: Two TONY critics square off on the proper criteria for assigning our mark of perfection.
Poll, who has the best criticism?: Online or in print, it all comes down to quality. Tell us who delivers it.
Post Its: Critics, what critical blogs do you trust?
TONY's bookmarks: What's the ultimate show of respect for an online critic? Our editors reveal who they themselves read.
Booty haul: We asked our hardworking critics to collect their mail for one week. These are their stories...
Win our swag!: Maybe we can't give you the cushy life of a professional reviewer, but you can enter the win some of the, um, treasures we're sent.
Five-course squeal: This undercover writer makes her living dining out in high-end eateries—with leftovers galore—but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Special feature

Best of TONY reviews, 2007: Read our editors' nominations for the finest criticisms in their sections this year, and vote on your favorite.