Over the hump

Porn stars pursue postcoital success.

Not long ago, appearing in skin flicks shut off subsequent career options. But today, X-rated stardom is a better rsum builder than a Harvard M.B.A. To see what sorts of doors smut can open, TONY took a look at the not-so-naughty endeavors of four well-known XXX vets, ranking each on our vibrating scale of aprs-porn plausibility.—Ethan LaCroix

PORN STAR Heather Hunter

HORNY HIT FrankenHunter: Queen of the Porno Zombies, 1993

CROSSOVER MOVE New York native and AVN Hall of Famer Hunter—who retired from the bawdy biz in 1993—has recorded songs for Tommy Boy and Island. In June, she opened the gallery artcore-NYC (111 Front St, Studio 216, Dumbo, Brooklyn) to showcase her own and other artists’ work.


PORN STAR Savanna Samson

HORNY HIT Where the Boys Aren’t 16, 2004

CROSSOVER MOVE In 2005, Samson released the red wine Sogno Uno to surprising acclaim—it scored a 91 rating from influential wine critic Robert Parker. She followed up with the white wine Sogno Due last month; lines of olive oil and champagne are also reportedly in the works


PORN STAR Tom Judson (a.k.a. Gus Mattox)

HORNY HIT Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons, 2005

CROSSOVER MOVE In addition to capping his porn career by winning the 2005 GayVN award for performer of the year, Judson (Gus Mattox is his porn alter ego) is a virtual Renaissance man. He’s found success onstage (on and Off Broadway), composed songs for television and regularly gets work as a freelance writer.


PORN STAR Paris Hilton

HORNY HIT 1 Night in Paris, 2004

CROSSOVER MOVE Perhaps best-known for her night-vision-lit performance alongside Rick Solomon in 1 Night, the widely reviled Hilton has also dabbled in acting, music and writing, and has launched various unimpressive products, including perfume and jewelry.