Peak conditioners

These destinations will kick your snow-carving butt into shape.

Most intense workout

4763 Killington Rd, Killington, VT (802-422-6200,
One of the largest, most popular ski haunts in the country, Killington sports seven mountains, 58 green trails, 66 blue and 82 black diamonds, and a 430-foot superpipe. So, even though local watering hole the Wobbly Barn (4763 Killington Rd, Killington, VT; 802-422-6171, insists on serving copious amounts of free nachos as part of their daily aprs-ski menu (4--6pm), there’s no reason you can’t leave town in better shape than when you arrived.
Lift tickets: Start at $77 for adults
Getting there: Amtrak runs one or two trains to Rutland, VT, every day for about $140 round-trip. After a nearly six-hour train ride, you’ll need to take a short 20-minute cab ride to the mountain.

Best place to find peace of mind

Cannon Mountain
9 Franconia Notch State Park, Franconia, NH (603-823-8800,
In case you’ve never noticed, mountains are pretty. And this haven for hard-core skiers is among the most picturesque of the bunch—Ski magazine ranked Cannon Mountain sixth on its list of “Top Ten Resorts for Scenery.” To suck in all of that breathtaking beauty, take a ride on their 70-person aerial tram before performing your death-defying descent. For those less brave, stay on the tram for an equally lovely round-trip ride back to safety.
Lift tickets: $64 for adults
Getting there: There’s no way to make the six-and-a-half-hour trip by public transportation without having to transfer three or so times. Gather some friends and split the cost of a rental car.

Most likely to make you poo yourself

5021 State Route 86, Wilmington, NY (518-946-2223,
Not afraid of racing down an icy mountain with nothing more than two slivers of fiberglass between you and broken limbs? Fine. What about doing it on the greatest vertical drop in the Northeast? Yeah, that’ll scare you shitless. This Lake Placid mountain resort, which is currently celebrating its 50th winter, has a vertical drop of 3,430 feet and is so damned intimidating it’s been called a Western mountain in the East. We just call it freaking scary.
Lift tickets: Start at $74 for adults
Getting there: Adirondack Trailways makes the nearly five-hour journey to Lake Placid for $138 round-trip. From there, you can take a free shuttle bus to the mountain. (800-776-7548,

Trails most likely to induce hunger

1493 Thornton Rd, Cherry Creek, NY (716-287-3223,
Like sex, skiing is always a great way to work up an appetite (all those humps, bumps and thrills). But, just 18 miles from Lake Erie, this ski area is particularly saliva-inducing: All five slopes are named after delicious treats, including Jelly Roll, Macaroon and Crackerjack. We’re hungry—and horny—just thinking about it.
Lift tickets: Start at just $24 for adults
Getting there: Your best bet is to rent a car for the 8-hour haul.

Best spa treatments

Hunter Mountain
Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY (800-486-8376,
Melt away tension at this luxury spa, which uses only natural products custom made from flora found in the surrounding Catskills. Choose from six different types of massages ($60--$125), an aromatherapy body salt glow ($105 for 50 minutes), a European facial ($95 for 50 minutes) and more. Or, spend some alone time in their hot tubs, sauna, steam room or outdoor heated pool. Highly motivated weirdos who don’t think skiing is enough of a workout can tire themselves out in the state-of-the-art fitness club.
Lift tickets: Start at $27 for adults
Getting there: Adirondack Trailways runs three trips (each only two hours) every day from Port Authority for $66 round-trip.

Healthiest place to gorge yourself

Stratton Mountain
5 Village Lodge Rd, Windham County, VT (800-STRATTON,
At most resorts, ravenous skiers can only refuel with hot wings, pizza and fondue. We’re not complaining, but Stratton Mountain attracts a healthier crowd: It’s home to the annual U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship and draws serious skiiers. Accordingly, local hotels seem to cater to vegetarians by offering plenty of make-your-own sandwiches and whole-wheat wraps. Those staying in homes or condos can even opt to have healthy meals—like soups, chili, roasted chicken and stew—delivered to your door through My Stratton Chef (
Lift tickets: Two-day passes start at $119 for adults
Getting there: Hop on a bus at Union Square and sleep away the four-hour ride to Stratton; $50 for a round-trip ticket or $95 for bus ride and lift ticket (917-692-5222,

Sore loser

Sadly, even those with the coordination and agility of Nate Robinson are destined to be hurting after a weekend of slaloming and squatting. Treat your aching bod to a massage at Graceful Services (1097 Second Ave between 57th and 58th Sts; 212-593-9904, Its Post Sport massage uses different speeds and strokes to relax tight muscles that result from strenuous clenching ($80 for an hour). Or try its new Thai massage, which releases pressure from your joints via a Chinese tui na technique and lots of table stretching (also $80 for an hour). Or don’t, and walk around in pain. See if we care!

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