Phone chargers coming to NYC parks this summer

AT&T is launching solar-powered phone chargers at parks throughout the five boroughs beginning today.

AT&T Street Charge station in Brooklyn Bridge Park

AT&T Street Charge station in Brooklyn Bridge Park Photograph: Courtesy AT&T

It's happened to the best of us: You're hanging out with your friends at a concert or in the park, and suddenly realize that your phone is about to die. (And if that's never happened to you, well, congratulations on always being prepared for things.) Previously, you were pretty much screwed if that happened—but no longer!

Inspired by the DIY charging stations that popped up in New York after Hurricane Sandy, AT&T will open 25 docking stations, called Street Charge, throughout the five boroughs this summer. Four have already gone live: You'll find them in Brooklyn Bridge Park (pictured above), Fort Greene Park, Riverside Park and Union Square; by the end of the summer, there'll be docks throughout all five boroughs and on Governors Island.

The stations are solar-powered and can accommodate iPhones, as well as devices that use USB or micro-USB ports to charge. For a complete list of charging stations, visit AT&T's website or follow the hashtag #attstreetcharge on Twitter.

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